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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dedicated pen collectors, passionate amateur lovers and all other "in-the-know" can easily draw a solid distinguishing line between professionally manufactured, mass-produces, mechanically engraved and encrusted writing instruments, and hand-crafted wood fountain pens. The latter items are pure gems in the eyes of connoisseurs treasuring the delicate uniqueness of each of the crafted pens.

When you buy a pen from a world-renowned manufacturer like Sheaffer or Waterman, you can't really expect to get a unique piece of art. With wood fountain pens crafted by passionate amateurs it is a whole lot different story.

You can communicate directly with the craftsman who produces wood fountain pens per order. You can order the material, the type of wood, the nib, discuss patterns of texture and shape, choose the filling mechanism (piston of converter), participate in designing the gift box, etc. That is, your input is significant at every stage of crafting the wood fountain pen. And you are in control of every step, from developing the concept idea into the final piece of art to presenting it to someone you care for.

If you choose a wood fountain pen as a gift to someone dear, a friend or a colleague, you may be 100% confident that your present will be like no one else's. It is just impossible to carve two identical pens from wood – at least the texture pattern will be different on each piece.

Another great thing about personalized wood fountain pens is that people tend to care more for such fine writing instruments because of the uniqueness the latter possess. Every such pen intensifies the emotional ties, accentuates the personal attitude, signify the strong friendship or respect, and lets everyone stand out from the crowd.

With the help of Internet, it is easy to find a skilled woodturner to do the job of creating a stunning wood fountain pen. Of course you should plan your order well in advance – a wood fountain pen can't be made in a hurry, it is a living material that needs special conditions to be prepared for crafting process. So if you think of presenting someone with a memorable gift, I suggest that you consider ordering a wood fountain pen.