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Saturday, February 09, 2008

El Grande Fountain Pens

El Grande Fountain Pen is known because of it's bold large barrel which has real therapeutic value for those who suffer from arthritis in the fingers. The larger barrel not only accommodates a more comfortable grasp with ease, but it also shows off brilliant colors and patterns more than other pens of smaller diameter.

As with all of wooden pens, craftsmen hand-craft (cut, drill, turn, sand and polish to a smooth finish) this fountain pen from pieces of Camphor Wood, Black Ebony Wood and Green Malachite trustone and assemble to make a pen a complete unit.

Wood fountain pens are individually handcrafted free-style, and not produced en mass.

Materials used include, but not limited to Camphor Wood, African Ebony, Green Malachite trustone, metal.
Enhancements includes large therapeutic pen barrel to ease the pain in fingers and lower tension in hand muscles.

As for ink refill for El Grande wooden fountain pens, it is standard European Ink cartridge for fountain pens with universal Schmidt Non-Dry Refill. Replacement refills are available from any good office supply store.

Titanium Gold plating is extra durable, and guarantees to last for many many years to come! This makes purchase of El Grande a pleasure to write, and guarantees your enjoyable experience with wood fountain pens.