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Going to collect fountain pens?

Many people like to collect antique or vintage fountain pens, while others like collecting the modern limited edition pens, or pens from a specific country. Collecting by brands, such as Parker or Sheaffer is also popular. Many people just collect what they like, resulting in a beautiful, eclectic mix of fountain pens.
1. Decide if you want to focus your collection on one specific area of fountain pens, or if you want to collect a mixed variety of pens. This is important because you should define the purpose and area of your young hobby before you start joining forums of special interest in fountain pens.
2. Read articles and books to learn about your favorite fountain pens. When you become familiar with pictures of the various fountain pens, you'll know when you to find a good buy at a yard sale, auction website (like eBay), flea market or thrift store.
3. Join a fountain pen collectors group, such as the, to share your interest with others that also enjoy fountain pen collecting.
4. Visit local antique stores (if any happen to be in your residence area) and let the shop owners know the types of pens you want to add to your collection (or to begin the collection with). The store owners will look for the pens you are trying to find when they are in other antique stores, at auctions and on buying trips.
5. Purchase a fountain pen collector's price guide at a local bookstore or online. I recommend going to Amazon as it is the world most trusted online bookstore.
6. Go to online web auction sites, such as, and online antique and collectible stores for fountain pens to add to your collection. When looking for listing on ebay, be sure to learn how to spot fake fountain pens!