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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Your time planner is probably the most important and critical piece daily ballast that you carry with you. I highly recommend buying a very expensive planner. I've tried them all. I use a filofax cover. It's the classiest. It will make you feel that the planner is highly valuable, which it indeed is. You should invest in the finest leather that you can afford. So that everytime you open it, you feel a sense of pride and are programming you mind for prosperity. Then invest in a very expensive a Mont Blanc. Again, you are programming your mind that time management is highly valuable and that you are properous. You also will send that vibe to others who see you in meetings with this set up. Don't go for electronic devices..the English leather filofax and Montblanc pen is the epitome of taste.
As for system and fillers, I'd suggest studying all of the systems. Choose the one that is most effective for you and then hole punch into your planner what works. Create YOUR system. The best system is your own custom one. GTD has extremely valuable strategies, as does Tony Robbins TOYL and Franklin Covey. You can't afford not to buy them, study them and use them. THIS IS CRITICAL. Build you own custom planner with whatever is effective and works for you.