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Why wood fountain pens?

Wood fountain pens have become very popular because of 3 main factors:
1) Unlike mass-production pens, wood FP's are hand-made and each item is absolutely unique by the nature of its manufacturing;
2) wood is the healthiest material out there, far more eco-friendly than those made of plastic or acrylic substance;
3) Wooden fountain pens can be customized exactly the way customer wants. Engraving, colouring, type of wood, filling mechanism, nib - everything is up to customer's wishes.
Wooden fountain pens are hand-turned using a lathe, and the essential tools necessary to create beautiful wooden products. The wood pens are made from exotic wood from countries such as Africa, South America, and Central America. They are finished with the highest quality craftsmanship.
And of course wood pens makers offer responsive service and friendly support - something that not every big manufacturer can provide its customers with.
All this makes wood fountain pens really awesome gifts. Hand-crafted pieces keep the traces of uniqueness and proximity to nature.
The production of wooden fountain pens require special attentions and care to ensure the quality of the finished writing instruments. Because wood is a naturally 'live' material, it needs proper treatment on the part of the craftsman.
Individual craftsmen carefully select special cuts of wood and resin-based materials to handcraft the finest writing instruments and unique gift sets. From elegant fountain pens to desk sets, from wine bottle stoppers to unique key chains, you WILL find that perfect gift.
Normally wooden fountain pens are made from a variety of top quality domestic and exotic wood. They are individually turned by hand, hand sanded seven separate times, buffed with polishing wax and creme for a smooth, glass like finish. However, these fine writing instruments are available in a multitude of other natural and exotic materials such as antler, ivory, Old World resins and metals.
Pens can be covered with lacquer by the request from the customer.
Usually wooden hand made pens are sold with a 1-3 year warranty.
Currently there's a demand for Mont style wooden pens. It is because of the highly popular Mont Blanc pens, which are known to be pricey. Wood fountain pens of the Mont style can give the feeling of belonging to Mont Blanc owners, while significantly cutting the cost of such writing instruments. Mont style exotic wood fountain pens make a great gift for anyone who appreciates the classic look, feel, and appeal of fountain pens. Mont style wooden fountain pens are hand turned with a special all natural oil & wax finish that brings out an incredible depth and luster in the grain of the wood.
Handcrafted wood fountain pens have earned the interest and satisfaction of the meticulous businessman. Parker style pens, meanwhile, are favorites of yuppies who want to excel in their first job after college.
Rare and exotic handcrafted pens will not disappoint the pickiest of a collector. What collectors are looking for are brand, rarity, craftsmanship, and of course, longevity. All of these characteristics can be found in many hand-turned wooden fountain pens. Each pen is made by the hands of experienced master craftsmen who work wonders to turn a simple item such as a pen into a work of art.
Pen lovers will greatly appreciate handcrafted unique wood fountain pens.
Whether you are looking for a gift for a special friend or associate or simply adding to your own collection, you may rest assured that receivers will be pleased with custom-engraved, carefully handcrafted wooden fountain pens.